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Cracked Tooth: Causes and Treatment in Williamsburg

November 12, 2015

cracked toothOur teeth were built to last for a lifetime. But as adults start to live longer, teeth are exposed to a lot — and chances that they’ll wear or break increase over time. At Williamsburg Dental, we frequently preserve natural teeth that have experienced cracks, but many times our patients don’t know how the damage occurred in the first place. We firmly believe prevention is key — so let’s look at more at what causes a cracked tooth, and how your trusted dentists at Williamsburg Dental can treat it once it occurs.

What Causes a Cracked Tooth?

Even though tooth enamel is the strongest material in our bodies, frequent exposure to pressure — whether it’s jaw clenching, tooth grinding or chewing on ice or other hard materials — causes enamel to weaken and can lead to cracks in the teeth.

When a tooth is cracked, you may experience symptoms like pain when chewing or sensitivity to heat and cold. However, a cracked tooth may exhibit no symptoms at all. It’s important to seek treatment as soon as you’re aware of a crack in your tooth.

How Your Williamsburg Dentist Treats a Cracked Tooth

Once you come into Williamsburg Dental for your cracked tooth repair, we’ll first examine the tooth to see what kind of crack it is, and then evaluate the severity of the damage. Whether it’s a fractured cusp, split tooth or vertical root fracture will affect how your dentist proceeds in restoring your cracked tooth.

A root canal procedure is usually performed to restore the tooth to its normal function and prevent further cracks from occurring. But if a portion of the tooth must be removed in order to save the rest of the natural tooth, your trusted Williamsburg dentist may recommend endodontic surgery.

You Can Prevent Cracked Teeth

The best way to keep your smile healthy is to take cautionary steps to prevent cracked teeth from occurring in the first place. These include:

  • Wearing an athletic mouthguard to play sports
  • Seeking treatment for nighttime tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Avoiding chewing on ice or other hard objects
  • Never opening packaging with your teeth
  • Keeping teeth healthy with good oral habits (including twice annual visits to the dentist)

Schedule Your Appointment at Williamsburg Dental Today

If you think you are suffering from the painful effects of a cracked tooth, don’t wait — prompt treatment is necessary for the best chance of saving your natural tooth. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. We’re glad to serve all of the Lincoln, NE area, including Hickman, Crete, South Lincoln and beyond.

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