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Nitrous Gas Sedation

At Williamsburg Dental we offer many ways to make sure you are comfortable while solving all of your dental needs. We offer many ways to have a soothing experience at the dental office. Call us today and we can talk to you about how we can ease the nerves of going to the dentist.

Nitrous Sedation

Nitrous Oxide, known to many as laughing gas, is the most commonly used form of sedation in dentistry. It is extremely safe and effective. It is administered by having the patient inhale the gas, which is carefully monitored by your doctor. You will fall into a euphoric state and feel completely relaxed. All feelings of fear and anxiety fade away, leaving you to sit back peacefully while your dental procedure is performed. In most cases all dental work can be completed in one visit while you are sedated.

Oral Sedation

Sometimes a patient is extremely nervous about certain dental procedures, like getting wisdom teeth extracted. For some procedures, the doctors may be able to offer you oral sedation for a deeper and more pleasant experience. If you are interested about this, please contact our office to set up a consultation.