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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays in Lincoln, NE

How do you feel about the overall health of your mouth? Are you actively brushing, flossing, and rinsing twice a day? Do you feel as if your teeth are in pristine condition? We hope that you feel that your oral health is in good standing, but even the most practiced cleaning routines can miss pockets of bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Leaving these areas unattended can lead to potential future oral health and hygiene problems. Seeing a dentist twice a year can prevent these issues, as a professional can remove these problem areas and detect unseen complications with X-rays. Williamsburg Dental, a phenomenal practice located in Lincoln, NE, provides comprehensive preventive care with the aid of advanced X-ray technology.

Incredible Care from a Professional Staff

Your dental experience should be wonderful, and you should be able to walk away with a happy, bright, healthy smile. The doctors at Williamsburg Dental, professionals with thousands of treatments under their belts, and the sensational team of dental practitioners are completely devoted to giving each patient the care they deserve. Your oral hygiene and health has a dramatic effect on your overall health and well-being, which is why we are passionate about providing stellar, unmatched dental care. In order to properly assess any oral issue and plan the corresponding treatments to correct the problem, we utilize the best X-ray technology available. Our digital radiography is used for every treatment and procedure to accurately spot dental problems before they become serious, detrimental issues.

Effective Digital X-rays for Unparalleled Treatment

We employ the use of digital X-rays for every appointment, so we can spot current or potential problems in your mouth. With the information retrieved from our digital X-rays, we can plan effective treatments to address and correct any and all problems that may arise. The X-rays of yesteryear were an annoying procedure to undergo, as the doctors had to deal with a bulky machine and force the patient to be in an uncomfortable position.

We have invested in the newest digital X-ray technology, not only to provide a better standard of care, but to give our patients a more relaxing experience. These new machines utilize digital sensors, which require significantly less radiation and provide a much clearer of your teeth and gums. Like the older models, the sensors must be placed in the mouth to complete the X-ray, but these new sensors are much small and fit easily within the mouth. The machine can take digital X-rays without forcing you to open and close your mouth repeatedly. The best part: the machine takes images of your teeth all at once, so time is saved and we do not have to burden our patients with a long procedure.

Receive Our Stellar Treatment Today

We pride ourselves on our patient care. We provide the best dental care in the region, and we can accomplish this with the technology we have available. Contact our south lincoln dental office today and schedule your consultation with our fantastic team. Our office doors welcome everyone who resides in South Lincoln, NE, Hickman, Crete, and the surrounding areas.