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Childrens Dentistry

The American Dental Association recommends that children start seeing a dentist at the age of one.

Our doctors are all great with children of all ages. At our office we have a progression where we like to get to know the child and make them feel comfortable in the office. Usually the first exam for young child is very quick, may include a cleaning, and is mostly used to get the child used to our office and the general dental environment. Only after the child feels welcome will we ‘count’ the teeth and do an exam. At Williamsburg we love to see kids and pride ourselves on making children feel comfortable in the dental office.

After the visit, a happy child leaves with a toy in hand to greet the parents again!

Sometimes children need a little help if they need any fillings or crowns. If the child is still nervous for this appointment, we can do nitrous oxide(laughing gas) to help the child remain calm while they watch cartoons on the television! Many happy children leave after finding that having dental care is easy when getting the nitrous oxide.