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When is it time to visit the children’s dentist in Lincoln?

August 3, 2016

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When is it time to visit the Lincoln children’s dentist?Your Lincoln children’s dentist says a child’s first dental visit establishes a lifetime of healthy smiles.  Drs. Kotopka, Gessford, Killeen, Beddes and Rossini possess exceptional manual skills and chair-side attitudes, too, relaxing the entire family.

The first pediatric dental visit

While we all call children’s first teeth “baby” teeth, they play a very critical role in oral health and systemic well-being, too. That’s why the children’s dentist in Lincoln asks to see kids by the age of 3 to ensure those baby teeth and gums are intact, functioning and developing as they should.

When parents bring their kids to Williamsburg Dental, they’ll find a family-friendly atmosphere with a happy, welcoming staff. Parents must gently encourage kids that the visit will be easy and comfortable. Mom and Dad are welcomed all through children’s regular visits and treatments.

During that first visit, the Lincoln children’s dentist inspects teeth and gums for decay and gingivitis, both of which are preventable or very treatable with early intervention. (Yes, kids get gum disease, too.) In addition, the Lincoln dentist notes the number and position of every tooth and sees which ones are erupting. As time goes on, this information helps with orthodontic evaluation and assessment of potentially troublesome wisdom teeth in teens.

The dental hygienist scales the teeth, removing harmful plaque and tartar. She flosses and polishes the teeth and teaches families about:

  • Daily flossing and twice a day brushing, with parental supervision, as advised by the American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Sensible nutrition (low on carbs and high on low-fat dairy, lean meats, water and fresh fruit and vegetables)
  • Safety while playing sports (wearing athletic mouth-guards)

The Lincoln children’s dentist formulates a treatment plan individualized to your child’s age, oral health and development. Digital x-rays visualize tooth roots, bone structure and eruption of adult teeth as needed.

The doctor often advises this preventive dental treatment: plastic sealants. Applied right to the teeth, plastic sealants cover the deeply grooved chewing surfaces which are prone to decay. After preparing the teeth with an etching liquid, the sealant flows on smoothly and is cured with a special light. These preventive treatments last about 10 years and protect your child through that cavity-prone time. Some adults get sealants, too.

Taking your child to the Lincoln dentist can be fun

The team at Williamsburg Dental in Lincoln, NE recommend 6-month oral exams and hygienic cleanings for each and every one of their young patients beginning at 3 years of age. If parents have worries or questions, or if there is a dental emergency, the children’s dentists in Lincoln want you to call them right away.

Contact Williamsburg Dental today to arrange that first visit for your child. Those bright, healthy smiles will be well worth it.

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