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Sedation Dentistry

January 1, 2015

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General Dentistry 101: What Are the Sedation Options for Fearful Lincoln Patients?

Do you have a fear of dental work? Every year, millions of Americans avoid the general dentistry appointments they need to stay healthy. Research suggests that over 75 million people in the U.S. live with some degree of dental fear or anxiety. Some may have had traumatic dental experiences as children, while others have had more recent unpleasant experiences as adults. Some patients simply fear the potential time and costs associated with general dentistry work. Regardless of the reason, however, far too many people have given up on receiving routine dental care. Some may even be avoiding the dentist in spite of periodic tooth pain and sensitivity. If you’re one of these patients, you should know that dental care is now more painless, convenient, and stress free than it has ever been in history. This is due in large part to advances in sedation dentistry. To experience the difference for yourself, and finally get the dental care you need, make your next general dentistry appointment with the sedation experts of Williamsburg Dental today. You can get needed dental work in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Williamsburg Dental is the trusted general dentistry of families throughout South Lincoln, NE, Centerville, Crete, and the surrounding communities.

What Causes Dental Fear and Anxiety for Some Lincoln Dental Patients?

Dental fear overwhelmingly stems from traumatic childhood dental experiences. Many patients fear the possibility of pain and discomfort, as well as drilling, anesthetic needles, or the need for tooth extraction. Williamsburg Dental works continually to find new ways to alleviate the stress and apprehension of these patients.


What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

One method we use is oral conscious sedation. With oral conscious sedation, sedative medication is given orally to patients to help them relax by slowing the action of the central nervous system. Patients remain responsive and aware of their surroundings during treatment, but are less reactive to external stimuli like the sound of the drill or the smell of dental materials.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Right For You?

Nitrous oxide is also a sedation option for fearful patients. Nitrous oxide is an odorless and colorless gas that produces highly pleasurable sensations. The gas can distract hesitant patients as they undergo treatment. The effects of the gas can be felt within minutes, but quickly fade as soon as the source is removed. Nitrous oxide gas mixtures and delivery methods have greatly improved in recent years.

Lincoln General Dentistry Sedation Appointments

The attentive and gentle dentists of Williamsburg Dental are understanding and empathetic with fearful patients. Some patients have experienced dental treatment in the past that was heavy-handed, critical, remote, and distant. Our dentists are the exact opposite. At Williamsburg Dental, patient comfort and relaxation is a top priority. Make an appointment with the highly qualified sedation dentists of Williamsburg Dental today for the Lincoln general dentistry experience you deserve. Williamsburg Dental proudly restores smiles daily throughout South Lincoln, NE, Centerville, Crete, and nearby areas.

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