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Dental Crown vs Dental Filling in Lincoln

September 19, 2016

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Dental crown or dental filling in Lincoln?One thing we are not lacking in is choice. You can choose from hundreds of breakfast cereals at the store. Among them are a dozen that are run by a ship captain…apparently. Then you have different types of milk you can put on your cereal. How about 1% or 2%? What about almond or soy milk? That’s when you find out there are multiple flavors of each. You also have options when it comes to getting your teeth fixed, but the eternal question is what should you get? You know you can get a dental crown or dental filling in Lincoln, but which one is right for you?

Dental Crown vs. Dental Filling

When your tooth has been damaged by either trauma or decay, you are probably going to want it to be restored. Weakened teeth can make simple, everyday tasks stressful, such as eating, or even just talking to people. The issue can only get worse if you allow too much time to go by. Dental crowns or fillings can serve as a healthy intervention to the eventual loss of your tooth. They both serve to restore a portion of your tooth, but in different ways. A dental crown is a metal or ceramic restoration placed on top of the remaining structure of the natural tooth. The process to get one involves 3 steps spread out over 2 visits to the dentist’s office:

  • The infected or damaged portion of your tooth is removed and an impression is made of it
  • A separate lab takes this impression and uses it to construct your crown
  • Finally, one of our doctors will place the new crown on top of your natural tooth

A dental filling, however, is when a liquid resin is applied to the inside of a tooth in order to support the outside structure. A filling is usually done in one visit and involves 3 steps as well:

  • Once again, the infected or damaged portion of the tooth will be removed
  • A space will be created within the tooth to allow room for the resin
  • The resin will be applied to the space and allowed to harden to help support the tooth

Which One Should I Get?

This all depends on your particular situation. Firstly, one of the doctors at Williamsburg Dental will take a look at your teeth and make sure a crown or filling is the right answer. They will make a suggestion based on how much of your tooth needs to be restored. A dental filling is appropriate for small cavities and slight imperfections on the tooth. Moderate to severe cavities or extensive damage would best be addressed by a crown, because more of the tooth’s structure needs to be replaced. A large filling in a tooth that is very compromised would leave the remaining natural enamel very vulnerable to chipping or breaking, while a crown used for a small cavity would unnecessarily replace healthy portions of the tooth.

Let Us Help

The question is best left up to you and one of the doctors. They will know what is best for you regarding a crown or a filling. Whether you just need a cavity taken care of, or a tooth to be brought back to life, please come see us at Williamsburg Dental so we can fix your smile.

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