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Loose Tooth Tips with Your Child’s Dentist in Lincoln

October 3, 2017

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young girl missing toothCongratulations! Cue the confetti, because your child has just developed their first loose tooth! After having the obligatory, “They grow up so fast…” thought race through your head, you now have a more pressing issue. What should you do about the tooth? Should you help your child remove it or simply let it fall out on its own? Like anything to do with children, this situation requires a gentle touch, and today, your child’s dentist in Lincoln is happy to share a few helpful tips.

To Help or Leave Alone?

In this situation, children tend to fall into two distinct categories. Some children really don’t like that one of their teeth is falling out, and they’re afraid of anyone trying to touch it. On the other hand, some kids think it’s the most interesting thing in the world, and they’re more than happy to have you help them remove it.

Which category does your child fall into? If you can’t quite tell, just ask them if you can take a closer look at their tooth. Do they shy away from you or are they completely comfortable? Keep an eye on them when they are around other children as well. Are they eager to show off the tooth to their friends, or do they not mention it? All these little clues will help you know what to do next.

If Your Child is Afraid…

It can be tough for some children to wrap their head around the fact that all of their teeth are going to fall out. They might be afraid that it’s going to hurt or that there will be a lot of blood. If this sounds like your child, first and foremost, do not try to remove the tooth anyway because this could be rather traumatic. Rather, simply sit down with them and explain that this happens to absolutely everybody, and that it happened to mommy and daddy as well. Explain how you lost your first tooth (if you can remember), and this is also a good opportunity to introduce the Tooth Fairy myth. This can help them calm down and even become excited about losing their tooth, at which point you can help them remove it.

If Your Child is Eager…

If your child is more than comfortable with their tooth falling out, then your job is a little more straightforward. If you think the tooth is just about ready to come out, take a tissue and lightly squeeze toward the root of the tooth. In most cases, it will pop right out. If it doesn’t, you may want to give it a little time (like a week or so) before trying again. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always talk to your kid’s dentist.

These little milestones are what make parenting so fulfilling. If you handle this situation gently, you can use it as an opportunity to teach your child about their smile and let them know what is yet to come. It also gives you a reason to start coming up with ways you can make the Tooth Fairy seem real, which is a great time for both children and adults alike.

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At Williamsburg Dental, our team of six dentists is able to provide a full-spectrum of services that are perfect for the entire family, from grandkids to grandparents and everyone in between. We have multiple convenient locations right here in Lincoln, and if you’d like more tips on how to handle your child’s growing smile, we can be contacted here.

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