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Athletic Mouthguards & Nightguards – Crete, NE

Teen girl placing laCrosse with sportsguardSometimes, a smile needs protection from excessive impact -- and that’s especially true for athletes or people who grind their teeth at night. Don’t let your teeth become vulnerable to unexpected force or constant gnashing. Instead, invest in custom athletic mouthguards and nightguards in Crete, NE from the team at Crete Family Dental! It’s a custom-fit piece of equipment that can protect your smile for years to come.

Athletic Mouthguards

Why Wear An Athletic Mouthguard?

Athletes of all ages and levels of play should consider the need for a mouthguard, a small device that protects the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth from excessive impact and unexpected blows to the face. While it’s especially important in contact sports, like football, basketball, and boxing, an athletic mouthguard can help protect smiles from impact related to gymnastics, track, and other activities. At Crete Family Dental, we are happy to create custom-fit mouthguards for athletes of all sports.

Benefits of Custom-Fit Athletic Mouthguards

It’s always best to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, and an athletic mouthguard is an important device in good preventive dental care. The benefits related to protecting your smile with a mouthguard created just for your teeth include the following.

  • Prevent broken, chipped, fractured, or knocked out teeth
  • Keep the tongue, lips, and gums safe from blows to the face
  • Research shows custom-fit mouthguards can reduce incidence of concussion, compared to over-the-counter mouthguards
  • Protect the braces (and the soft tissues surrounding them) from damage and injury

Nightguards for Bruxism

What Is Bruxism?

Patients who experience worn teeth, chronic headaches, and low-quality sleep may need to be evaluated for bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding. It’s a destructive condition that leads to worn, weakened teeth and chronic exhaustion over time. Fortunately, a custom-fit nightguard can help stop the clenching or grinding and alleviate the painful symptoms of bruxism.

How Does a Nightguard Work for Teeth Grinding?

A custom-fit nightguard for bruxism protects your teeth and jaw from excessive grinding and clenching. This protection prevents the action and provides much-needed relief from pain and tooth wear related to bruxism.

How To Care for Your Mouthguard or Nightguard

Whether you’ve got a mouthguard for sports activities or to protect your teeth at night, it’s important that you keep your device clean to prevent plaque buildup for healthy teeth and fresh breath. Keep the following in mind to care for your mouthguard or nightguard.

  • Brush before each use with a toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste
  • When not in use, store device in a ventilated case to prevent bacteria growth
  • Children may need to have their device replaced as mouth grows
  • Periodically check fit to see if you require a refitting

Schedule Your Appointment Today in Crete

If you’re an athlete or someone who grinds their teeth at night, don’t put off investing in a smile protector. A mouthguard or nightguard can prevent breaks, chips, cracks, wear, and other oral injuries to help you maintain your beautiful, complete smile. Crete Family Dental happily welcomes patients from Hallam, Willard, and nearby areas. Request your visit online today!