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5 Dental Travel Tips from a Dentist in Lincoln!

September 18, 2017

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friends laughing and smilingCan you hardly believe it’s about to be holiday season? It may seem far away, but many people start planning trips to see their families and vacations right about now.

Although you’re normally too busy to think about this while moving from state to state—or even country to county—it’s still important to maintain good oral health Here are a few ways to keep your mouth healthy while on the go from your dentist in Lincoln!

5 Travel Tips to Optimize Oral Health

If you’re heading out for a trip anytime in the near future, make sure to keep your teeth and gums healthy along the way. Here are a few helpful tips:

1.     Ventilate Your Toothbrush

Although you can go to your nearest neighborhood superstore and get an easy to pack toothbrush with a travel case, consider not using it. Your toothbrush needs air! A toothbrush holder without holes for ventilation will actually make your toothbrush less healthy to use on your smile because it can cause bacteria to grow. Keeping your toothbrush in a dark, moist environment creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

2.     Pack Backups

Losing parts of your oral hygiene items isn’t the best situation to be put in. In most cases, toothbrushes may come in a pack of two or three anyway. Consider packing an extra with you. Also, throw in backup miniature toothpastes or small bottles of mouthwash to keep handy.

3.     Don’t Use Tap Water

There are many beautiful vacation spots that tourists simply cannot drink the tap water. It’s best for your overall health and dental health to use your drinking water to brush your teeth.

4.     Control Your Sugar Consumption

Many people don’t think twice about what they’re eating when they’re on vacation—after all, you are supposed to be taking a break from reality. Belive it or not, a happy medium does exist!

When it comes to your oral health, it’s not really how much sugar you consume that directly affects your teeth, but how often. Instead of having ice cream for breakfast, cake for lunch, and brownies for dinner, try indulging once a day—maybe twice since “you’re on vacation!”

5.     Keep Dental Floss Handy

The chances are that you’ll be eating plenty on your trip. Food won’t stop getting in between your teeth just because you’re away from home. Pack a handy bag of flossers or if it’s not too inconvenient bring your water pik with you to keep your teeth and gums clean.

If there’s one thing that’ll ruin your trip, dental problems have got to make the top of the list. Keep your smile strong and healthy by following these tips from your Lincoln dentist.

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With two convenient locations and a team of dental experts at your service, you can be sure to receive excellent dental care as soon as you get back home from your trip. If you have questions about how you can prepare your smile to have the best vacation, feel free to call either of our Lincoln offices and speak to one of our skilled dentists.


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